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Senin, 06 April 2009

Pisau Cukur Jadul.., Damascene Razor

Pisau cukur model pisau lipat sekarang sudah ketinggalan jaman, sudah jadul. Brewok kini tak lagi dikerok menggunakan pisau yang bisa membahayakan itu, melainkan pakai alat cukur moderen yang lebih aman.

Dan omong2 soal kolesi pisau cukur brewok jadul ini, ada lho yang harganya mencapai 300 juta rupiah, yaitu Damascene Razor yang dibuat dari 128 lapisan besi serta dilapisi platinum. Pisau Damaskus ini mahal karena material metalnya sangat spesial. Dan kalau pengin tehe sejarahnya, silahkan ikuti bacaan dibawah ini dalam versi bahasa Inggris.

History of Damascus Stell.
Traditional Damascus steel, also known as pattern weld or Damascene, was first produced over two thousand years ago. It has lived in legend and is referred to as the steel of the ancients. Damascus swords and knives dominated the weapon industry from the Iron Age to the Viking age. Alexander the Great was said to have a Damascus sword, and even Aristotle commented on the high quality of the Damascus steel blade. Its origins can be traced back as far as 500 A.D. In India, it was called Telangana, Wootz or Ukku steel. It then found its way to Damascus, Syria, which was the center of trade in the region. It was the trade center for war equipment such as knives, swords and armor. However, Damascus steel had been a lost technology since the early 1700's up until the mid 1970's.

Damascus steel combines low and high carbon steels. These steels are folded and forge welded together. The fold-forge cycle is repeated until a large number of layers is obtained. It is then etched to bring out the beautiful grain pattern. This process produces blades with extraordinary toughness and edge-holding ability. The edge of a Damascus blade contains tiny saw-tooth carbides which enables the blade to cut, even if it feels dull to the touch. The flexibility of Damascus is superb. Every piece of Damascus steel is as unique as a finger print

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